feath (feath) wrote,

leather family; i missed the part where you said the dog got better or not, did he?
cleo; UPDATE please. first link you sent me looks good; hubby thought it great too! you will need copy of high school diplomat.

missed yesterdays physio due to asthma attack. I'm taking my pred's and antibodics and hoping to nip this one before it gets bad.

I'm still losing my hair (stress, i think) and am yet more tempted just to shave it and be done with it. At this point, its... um. scary. at least bald is making a fashion statement, even if its not one i'd normally consider.

Still no housing offer ;( now putting in apps for ground and first floor flats. i can do 1 flight of stairs, if slowly. usually. and if i'm bad, and cant do it, i wouldn't have left the house to begin with.
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