feath (feath) wrote,

for the first time, in a very long time, i feel proud to be an american.
What I'm afraid of - Obama has pumped everyone up, to where the expectations are very high. If he fails - he's human, he could fail - the laws of nature will bring us all as low as we are now high. I hope to hell this doesn't happen.

On a personal note; i'm losing my hair. Now, i dont mean, oh look, there's a hair! I mean, oh look, there's a clump of hair big enough to make a birds nest. every day. The only other time I lost my hair this bad, was when i almost died of pneumonia. I didn't think I was that sick, this last time, but my body is telling me something different. I can't see my scalp yet, but another day or two will take care of that. I've lost 95% of my hair.

ME; i'm losing my hair!
HUBBY; (cheerfully) welcome to the club.
ME; no, you're not getting it. I'm losing my hair! *shows him the hair lost that day, a ball almost as big as shahhe*
HUBBY; *stares blankly*
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