feath (feath) wrote,

young doc; it doesn't look like measles, but we'll have a test done just to make sure.
me; this is day 4 - day 2 i looked just like the photo in your doctors book. so i had 3 unrelated illness' in a week, that just happened to correspond to the symptoms of measles?
young doc; er... yes. it looks like an out of control allergy rash. have you tried any new soaps or foods recently?
me; yes. i checked the ingredients, but there was nothing new. and it wasn't like an allergy reaction i've had before, where i swell up inside as well. i did have some nuts, and i know nut allergys are common and that i can develop a new allergy.
young doc; if the measles tests come back negative, we'll refer you to allergy people. didn't you get an MMR when you were young?
me; *looks levely at young doctor* there wasn't an mmr in my generation. thats my kids' generation.
young doctor; *doesn't blush* *changes subject*
me; if it takes days for you to get the special swabs for the test, and all my symptoms disappear by then, will it still show a positive result if it is measles?
young doctor; yes.
me; *not that confident knowing the reaction time of the nhs.*
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