feath (feath) wrote,

Did i mention 2 days ago, we started to get throttled by plus.net? yes, i remember doing it. Figured out what happened, kinda. Our wireless dropped its security - it was unsecured, and everyone and their dog must have logged in and sucked us dry...
well, yesterday we totally lost connection - our router information was wiped clean. it had no idea who we were, or where to connect to - all that info and more was gone.
being the paranoid person i am, i suspect someone first got into our security and opened access, now finding they are blocked out, retaliated by wiping our wireless info clean. what does this accomplish, as he could easily just repeat his previous action of unsecuring our wireless and gain access again? if he broke our password once, he can do it again. but then, he must have realized by his computer speed, we were sucked dry of bandwidth. a final bitch slap? kinda like cutting the throat of someone you just raped.
or, its totally unrelated that our router info got wiped clean.
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