feath (feath) wrote,

Shahhe has been slowly matting up over time. I kept saying we needed to take her to the groomers, but it never happened. she gets mats real bad around her bottom, as litter and twigs and all kinds of, shall we say, natural things get tangled up. When i got home from hospital, i noticed she gave a little distressed cry when using the box. it took me a couple of days to have enough air to be able to hold a struggling cat while shaving her one handed in an area that is totally, touch me and die, off limits.
last night was that night.
She looks like a poster kitty for the 'this is what happens when you don't check the 3 foot tall grass before mowing' look.
it was only the second time i've used the clippers on her. i am a n00b at this cat shaving business. it shows. luckly, shahhe doesn't really care, her bottom doesn't hurt and thats all she knows. she even curled up under the blankets last night we me and purred a bit.
i did the feel good stuff first. the back of the head - the under the front arms, the neck... while doing the back of the head, she pushed back against it for me - back of the head is totally bald lol. i got most of the long stuff on the sides, and the belly is as pink as a piglet. today i'm going to try and even things up a bit. since its all 'feel good' areas, there shouldn't be much fuss.
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