feath (feath) wrote,

ooookay, this is a first.

I've heard cat food crunching, to find shahhe across the room and no where near the bowl.
I've heard the sound of a cat jumping from the window sill to the floor, *thump*, to find no cat there.
I've seen a white cat streak down the hall - to fade before getting to the door.
Cleo had a cat rub her ankles - and shahhe no where near her. (besides which, shahhe isn't an ankle rubber.)

but this is an absolute first...

Shahhe has never learned how to cover her poo. She's excellent about using the box, but she attempts to cover her business by scrapping the wall, and anything around it. Its a very distinctive sound, her claws on the wall.

Today, I hear *scrape scrape scrape scrape...* it went on for some time, so getting irritated with the noise, I turn to yell at her to knock it off.

Shahhe was asleep on the bed.
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