feath (feath) wrote,

I know there is at least one person on my f-list that will remember Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, with Marlin Perkins.

For days, I'd been trying to remember the guys name, when I finally caved and looked it up. I watched that show religiously for years. Now, Jim's name I remembered quite well.

"Let's watch Jim as he catches the 12 foot crocodile with his bare hands!"
"And as you can see, ostriches can run quite fast. Will Jim make it to the rover in time?"
"Here's Jim now, catching the rhino with a rope loop..."

Jim was very well buffed out, as you can imagine, and it was something I appreciated even when I was 5...

Dear lord! You got to see the old video clips. I loved the chatty voice over as the assistant is being dragged underwater, with the anaconda coiled around his mouth and nose...
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