feath (feath) wrote,

You know, if the judges had given constructive criticisms to him, like they did all the other dancers, instead of verbally bitch slapping him every time they saw him, could he have improved as the others did? (and he took it so well! A smile, a soft laugh, a nod of the head. He was a gentleman, facing off some pretty nasty comments from the judges)
Personally, i was rooting for him. I saw bits of every dance, that I though he'd done well. The last one he did was lovely - even the judges, who by this time I'm sure hated the very sight of him, found it - not as bad as he always did.
I'm very sorry to see him go. Where I didn't think he'd win the competition, I thought he had a fair chance under the rules of getting pretty far.
To quit - well, if he had to, I wish it had been last week, as I didn't think Sherri deserved to go. but then, even if he'd quit, she may have been in the dance off, anyway.

You did great, John, and I'd dance with you anytime!
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