feath (feath) wrote,

I was 16 or 17.
I was at a halloween party with about 20 friends.
My costume was something I'd thrown together, cause I couldn't afford to buy or rent one. It was a construction worker. And due to some bit of something, I couldn't wear my glasses. I'm pretty blind without my glasses.
I was a big cheech and chong fan at the time. One of my (still) all time favorite 'song's is Sister Mary Elephant. classsssss, claaaaaassssss, shut UP! ... Thank you!.

In the door walks a nun. That's all I can see, is a nun.

"oh, its sister mary elephant!" I say abnormally loudly in the absolute sudden silence. Even the song playing had come to an end.

It was, in fact, Mary, who had a weight problem. Dressed as a nun.

She was mortified. So was I. I LIKED Mary, and would never have wanted to cause her distress.

I lost a couple of friends over that one. And was the most embarrassed I'd ever been, ever.
I still blush thinking of it.
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