feath (feath) wrote,

When i was younger, my mother always made fun of my reading material. Romances, detective stories, ghost stories, whatever. She wasn't a reader - she hated reading. But I got touchy about getting teased.

My ex-husband also had a few 'humorous' comments on my reading genre's.

My present husband is supportive, in a sarcastic way. Basically, encourages me to do things while at the same time, belittling it.

So, I'm touchy about admitting to enjoyment in specific area's. People close to me, and strangers and perhaps friends, will mock it, belittle it, or generally make me feel like an ass for being interested.

So I'm going out on a limb here, and fully expect a few snide comments.

I love the paranormal. I love ghosts. Death to me is just turning a corner, and finding a new 'life' for lack of a better word. I have many ghost encounters. I am psychic, and have had more experiences than I'd ever want to talk about.

Now here's the thing. I'm practically housebound. I know I can get out - I did it when Timo came to visit. Its hard on me, but it's doable. I would like to get out more. I'd like to be more active and have .. well, a fucking life.

I kind of feel just heading out to the local haunts isn't enough. Just 'feeling' something is pointless, proves nothing, and its easy to deceive yourself. I'd like to have some kind of equipment that would one; help me by giving me a 'second' opinion, and two; make me feel like what i was doing was documentable.

There's a really nifty little EMF reader I'd like to get. It costs $60, plus shipping, which is what is putting me off. It's kind of pricy. And the big question is, if I do pony up, will it actually get me out of the house and go do some fun ghost hunting?

my question to you is, should I do it?

Should I get and EMF meter?

who cares?
dont know
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