feath (feath) wrote,

I've been watching Strictly Come Dancing. I'm not a big ballroom dancer fan, so I know nothing about the dances themselves. I find ballroom so stylized, its like watching barbie dolls marching around the room. Anyway - at least these guys mix it up a bit. For those who don't know the show, its a dance contest. Each week, someone is voted off. The dances get harder each week, and they only have a week to learn it. Contestants are well known people, actors, news readers, singers, athletes, ect.

Now, I've been rooting for John Sergent. Yeah, lame. A 4 year old has better rhythm and balance. The only reason he keeps passing, is because the public keeps voting to keep him. It wont last, but I'm hoping for him. The judges want him off. They give him REALLY low scores.

Now, last week was painful to watch. John is overweight, sweet, and has no sense of timing. His dance was cringe worthy. His professional dance partner does her best, and she's good. This week, she chose to do a Paso Robles (spelling off, i'm sure) which is the spanish matador type dance. I thought she'd lost her mind, picking that one instead of the walse, which I thought John might have a batter chance at. But she used her brain. She created a dance that john could do ... and he did!

Okay, lots of marching, but it was ON TIME. and he got the bad boy attitude, as far as his face could portray. The dance, while not traditional paso, was done -well-. I was so proud of him! The judges creamed him. they hated it. I was cheering out loud!

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