feath (feath) wrote,

Boy dies after being hit by cars
A 14-year-old boy has died after being struck by two vehicles - including a police car.

First, i want you to know, i really do feel for the family. My condolences to them all. There's an irony to being hit by the police car that's coming to help you.

I read the news alot, and you learn the standard words people use. 'Beloved, beautiful, wonderful, devoted, ect ect.'. Sometimes I dont even think the family write it - some news man somewhere has a page of stock phrases they just use.

The picture of this 14 year old boy - he looks like a little imp. Like he knows trouble, not mean trouble, but like he knows how to be a pain the ass and has a bit of fun with it. I would so DEARLY like to see HONEST responses to the media about suddenly dead family members.

"He was a little shit, but we loved him. We wont miss riding over his bike every day in the driveway, thats for sure. And the cat might get some sleep now."
"Dad was a boozing, womanizing jerk, and he'll be missed when his pay check used to come in."
"My brother was a devoted priest, well loved by the community. My mom will hasn't stopped dancing yet, cause he always used to be the shit out of her every time he heard confessional."
"My brother always helped out with the finances - god love him! He was devoted to family, and was always there for you. The kids adored him at christmas, let me tell you! 100's of kids are safe now on the 'net, cause he like a bit of 'payment' for his presents, if you know what i mean."
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