feath (feath) wrote,

I am dead bored.

Even misreading, or misinterpreting the news headlines isn't intertaining today.

Cheney to receive heart treatment ; but doc's fear pure evil can not be removed.

Stars urge Americans to vote ; After all, if Tom Cruise can figure out how to read the listed names, so can you.

Club manager 'smelt gas from car' ; So he took his club and smote the car mightly

The inquest heard Brazilian Mr de Menezes, 27, was killed in a "calm and controlled" way as he got on the tube. ; 7 bullets to the head calm. They had no photo of the guy they were tracking, they didn't see which door de Menezes came out of, they had no okay from 'chaotic' head quarters, they had the okay to shot anyone they wanted, they didn't care if the guy was carrying a rutsack, and they edited their report taking out vital information. yeah. calm and controlled.

Police may get more data powers after all, it can't just be the MOD losing personal, public data.
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