feath (feath) wrote,

I had an eye doc apt about 2 months ago. I was referred to a hospital for follow up due to some irregularities.

So, the new glasses i got then are really good for two things; reading and walking into walls. They're supposed to be good for everything. I use my old glasses for 'everything' or i go without glasses period. I feel like I have less eye strain if I go without glasses while on the computer.

When i had that appointment, they did a couple of tests. First, she said one optic nerve was larger than the other, but she couldn't tell which was swollen. I accepted that at the time, but honest to god - the larger one is (i'm going out on a limb here) the LARGER one. Even at the time I kind of felt she just didn't want to tell me, for some reason.

Then she gave me two flashy light thingy tests. The first one went okay, but the second... Well, she said "you missed a few". Having gone through one already, I knew how the test went. If you can classify '80-90%' missed as 'a few', yeah, okay.

Today I go to the hospital for a few more tests.

When i was younger, I used to ask myself; if I had a disability, which would you prefer NOT to have. At the time, i never thought of COPD, as at the time, I don't even think that was listed as a disability. I though, at the time, of two disabilities; blindness and diabetes. Diabetes was totally out - and still is - because of needles. I have a phobia about needles. And having just recently had to test for diabetes, i know the needles have gotten better, but I'll be damned if thats anything i EVER want to do on a daily bases.

The blindness I was 50/50 on. I knew i would function okay with blindness. Better than deafness, i thought. Although I think now I'd rather be deaf than blind, but this is back then. The problem with blindness, is almost EVERYTHING I do is sight related. It was then, and it is now. I don't think I'm going blind, but there are problems. I've worn glasses since i was four years old. I'm used to them. I'm used to getting new glasses every year or two. I think the last 3 pairs I've gotten were crap - I though they were because I was getting them in the UK, rather than the US. Now, I think, maybe not.

Well, we'll find out some info today, I hope. Wish me luck!
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