feath (feath) wrote,

Shahhe saw her first squirrel the other day.
Shahhe; freezes at window.
squirrel; sitting on ground, eating seed.
Shahhe; slinks out of window.
squirrel; continues eating seed.
shahhe; takes one, slow, step.
squirrel; magically appears on top of fence, eating seed.
shahhe; freezes.
squirrel; flicks tail
shahhe; blinks...

it continued like this until the squirrel left. shahhe just didn't know what to make of it, other than the fact it was lunch, getting away.

I'm feeling a little better. At least now, I don't wake up with snot in my eyes. Still a little tight in the chest from the cold, but thats pretty normal.

I'm really enjoying 'Medium'. Soooo much better than 'Ghost Whisper'. Kind of like comparing real life with purple unicorns sitting under sparkily rainbows. Although i did 'guess' the end several times, there were enough twists in it to keep my interest. Although, at least in season one, i got to say; there ARE occasions when kids get along. Come on, real life isn't CONSTANT conflict. Yeah, good for story advancement, but bad for wanting to watch the next season.

The Lion King is lamer than I remember lol, but still a great kids movie. And that brings up a question I've always wondered. WHY do kids like movies with songs in them so much? At least, Disney thinks they do, cause most all their animated movies are more songs, than dialogue. I mean, honestly, do kids need a song every 5 minutes or they lose interest? So, why songs? It was making me mental.
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