feath (feath) wrote,

waste of time.
get there, wait an amazingly short time in A&E (the original doc was there, saw me, and shuffled me through in seconds)... an hour later, found out that was a bad move, and went back and checked in proper. They then attempted to get me into xray - but whatever the hold up, an hour later, gave up and shuffled me into a very nice room for waiting, it had nice padded chairs, where i waited another 2 hours. I planned ahead and took a book. They finally admitted they couldn't get me in because the type of xray i needed was a specialty field, and the guy who does them had the day off. but they'd get me an appointment, for either friday or monday.... yet another hour later, they still hadn't managed that. when politely asked what was up, hey, i can do british polite, they said i could go and they'd call me with the appointment.
that was 7 hours ago, and as you can imagine, i'm not holding my breath.
But we know it wasn't a blood clot, so, ech, who cares.
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