feath (feath) wrote,

The mystery of the left leg...
I made some doctors day today, by presenting a mystery. The left leg gave every indication of a blood clot - except for the blood clot. Blood tests came back negatory, little buddy. The swelling, the pain points, the dimpling, the lack of redness, the lack of bruising... it all added up to - nothing they could pin down. It didn't make sense, and the doctor who got my case was all a twitter. He practically rubbed his hands and glowed. Tomorrow I go back for another test, were they check the veins and see what they're doing. Looking, they tell me, for a torn muscle (or the elusive blood clot).
Torn muscle makes sense, as i climbed about a GIZZION stairs less than a week ago. But, using the same logic, a blood clot was possible, as I dont get out much, and all that activity after not being active, could just as easily thrown a blood clot.
Well, find out tomorrow, i guess.
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