feath (feath) wrote,

Not a good night

Well, that was fun! - NOT.

I'm feeling much better from my asthma - I'd say the last couple of days I'm 'normal'. Got one more day of pred & antibodics, and I'm done with this episode.

I've been actually feeling well for the last, um, 3-4 days, but very weak. I think I mentioned I feel as weak as a wet noodle, in a previous post? Well, consider it said.

It takes me forever to do something, considering I have to sit down constantly. Dinner takes about 3 hours to make. I need to sleep. I used to be able to sleep for 24 hours, straight, after an attack and bounce back fine. I can't do that now. I can sometimes manage a nap. Or just lay down and watch something over the net.

But, due to the fact I have to take care of myself - ie cook - I'm losing the energy as quickly as I reserve it.

You might see where this is going.

I've been getting weaker. I get dizzy, sometimes. Bending down is like scary, cause getting up is damn near impossible.

Last night, I went into the kitchen for a bite of cheese, to stop the tummy rumble, so I could get to sleep.

I kind of fell down.

I didn't pass out, cause I kind of remember the trip down. Landed on my ass, which jarred me to my neck. In passing, as it were, I scrapped along the pointed edge of the counter, from hip to shoulder, on my back.

The only mirror we have in the house is the bathroom mirror, so all i can see is the shoulder bit. In this condition, I dont think standing on a chair to see the damage is a good idea.

It doesn't really hurt, unless I touch it. After the first time, I realized this also was not the best idea I've had.

I'm just very thankful my back was to the counter, cause I would have hit my head instead if I hadn't. 2 am, MIL asleep, hubby gone - how long would I have laid there?
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