feath (feath) wrote,


i went to the eye doc yesterday, as i've been having headaches and feel like i had a film over my eyes, causing me to constantly blink trying to clear it.
i refused to go back to my old ophthalmologist, as it was the worst company i'd ever delt with in my 47 years wearing glasses, and that includes getting felt up by ophthalmologist when i was 12. so, went to new guy.
she really went over my eyes. never had such a going over.
she said my eyes were dry, which explained the filmy feeling. getting drops for that.
headaches were due to the really big change in my eyes - although i'm more inclined to believe the previous doc fucked up the prescription - they fucked everything else up, so it wouldn't surprise me.
but, she also found the optic nerve in 'one' eye different from the other - as she didn't see me last year, she couldn't say if it was a change, or even which eye was 'different'. she's putting in for a second opinion from a consultant.
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