feath (feath) wrote,

we just got notice from our gas company, that our automatic payment of £5 weekly for gas is being increased to £55 a week.
my math skills really aren't that good, but does this sound like 35% to you? (in their favor, if we over pay our actual usage, they will refund it.)

in the same batch of mail this morning, we got notice that hubby's disability is going up £50 a week, because i am officially disabled.

nice to know we'll be able to pay our gas bill. there will be a LOT of people who can't. at least, and be able to eat, too.

edit; how very, very interesting. i read that article yesterday - the link i have above, has the same date as yesterday, it has the same headline, the same sub-headline, but the article is TOTALLY different. in yesterdays article, a spokesman said 'we are raising the price to protect our investors' (hard quote from memory). it mentioned a watch group that were outraged over their 1.x BILLION POUND profit for the year. now, suddenly in this article, they're only making a 166 million pound profit in the first "half" of the year - which raises my eyebrow on 2 issues - one, its totally different than reported yesterday, and two, large companies run on 'quarters', not 'half years', so i highly suspect number manipulation.
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