feath (feath) wrote,

i see on the news, so.cal had an earthquake. a whopping 5.1.
let's put it this way, i wouldn't even get out of bed for a 4.1. i would notice a 5.1, but it's not exactly something i'd freek out about.
however, i'm going to call my mom to check on her. She's at the epic center, and a little wobbly on her feet, so, just to make sure she's okay.

The news article link i posted, i think they just talked to tourists or new californians. anyone been around a while, they know what a REAL earthquake feels like. They mention that there have been over 30 after-shocks. That's rather a lot, in my experience, and makes me wonder if in fact the 5.1 wasn't an "earthquake", but rather, a pre-shock, in fact, all of them are pre-shocks. if i was a betting person, i'd bet that a larger one is on the way.

The article briefly mentions the 7.1 "desert" quake. i remember this puppy very well, being in said desert during it. now, that was an earthquake. (i've heard everything from 7.0-7.7 listed for this quake. guess it's not that accurate at that levels)

We were woken early in the morning for it. i could hear what sounded like a freight train heading our way - in incredibly loud, massive force heading my way. At about 5 houses away, i could hear the houses moving - a woody, snap, creech, thump sound. As it neared, i heard each house move, until it hit our house. what a roller coaster ride! up, downs, side to side, whip lash effect. (i tried to sell it to the kids as a free roller coaster ride. they were scared enough - in fact, they were the ones to wake me up. they heard it coming before i did)

Cleo might actually remember this earthquake.

ahhh, memories! i've been in 4 really "good" earthquakes that i can remember off the top of my head. they have a tendency to stick in the memory.

i miss earthquakes.
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