feath (feath) wrote,

Weird shit. in the last 3 weeks, we've had some strange stuff happening.
first, while hubby was taking a nap, the fan turned off. not stopped - not a power failure, but the button was pushed down, and stopped the fan. He was asleep - and i was in another room.
then, the living room window, (which is broken, so when it opens, it opens fully, letting in burglars) was ... open. it's kept closed, and locked, all day, every day. None of the plants in front of the window were disturbed. nothing was taken from the house. i was awake, and saw and heard nothing. the window was just... open.
Then, i was looking for a utensil. I looked in the drawer it should have been in. not there. i checked the dish rack, thinking it had been washed, not there. i checked the first drawer again. nope. I checked all the other drawers. nope. I check the first drawer again, taking each item out, and making sure it wasn't hiding under something. nope, not there. i check the floor, between the stove and the counter, nothing. Giving up - i go back to the first drawer, to find a different utensil, and THERE IT WAS. sitting on top of everything.

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