feath (feath) wrote,

about 3 months ago, our car wouldn't start. we replaced the battery 3 times. finally took it in. they 'fixed' it - give them this much, the car would start.
2 months ago, the car died while hubby was driving down the road. I attributed it to the first/last attempt at fixing it, although hubby didn't.
took it in for repair - the guy had it for 7 full weeks, he was damn clueless. honest to goodness, i want to bitch slap the guy. He was doing stuff that made no sense at all, just one of many: he stripped ALL the wires to test for a shortage, totally forgetting about the machine he had sitting in the corner of the garage that does that. luckily for his continued health, once he admitted he had no idea what was wrong, beyond 'its a gas issue' (green gas, the car is a duel gas system), he did manage to get it started on normal petrol. also for his continued good health, he didn't charge us for all the failed attempts of replacing parts in his usual 'lets see if this fixes it' manner.
we got it back 3 days ago.
we had an appointment with the green gas people today.
the car wont start.
he's going to be dropping by the house later to take a look. i advised hubby not to let me near him, or i'll be stripping skin off him.
i'm a woman on the edge, and i'm not afraid to use it!
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