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i've been following this event since last december, when it hit the number 12 dead in 12 months. it's now 18 dead in 16 months. In this small town in wales, 18 people have committed suicide by hanging. All between the ages of 16 to 26. Some knew each other, some did not. Some were related (2 cousins killed themselves within a couple of days of each other), most were not. you have to take into account that this is a very small town - 130k people. That's like the size of Barstow, ca.
Each and every time the police has stated there is no relation to any of the other suicides. and I might actually believe that, if they hadn't ALL HUNG THEMSELVES. This last report doesn't say he hung himself. it says 'sudden death'; a sharp drop to the end of the rope can be called a sudden death, i'm thinking. A politician has stated he doesn't want the suicides 'glamorized' by relating in the news -how- they are dying now.
But think about it - the only suicides in a tiny community, and they are all hangings. How many people chose hanging as a way of suicide? would you say 18 out of 18, or 100%?
Me, Im doubtful.
Sounds more like a serial killer to me.
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