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This piece isn't going to see the light of day, ever. But, I will continue it and take it for what it is - an exercise for my mind to get back into the writers grove.

"What's the cats name?" Vicky inquired to the room in general.

"What cat?" Kathy asked.

"Was he white, by any chance?" Asked Dale, one of the lead actors.

"Yeah, he was. He went into the props room."

Several of the returning actors nodded. "That'd be Gus," Dale said. "He's a ghost cat."

Vicky and Kathy laughed, but none of the others did. "You're kidding right?" Vicky looked at the faces of the actors. None seemed to be secretly laughing, but with actors, sometimes it was hard to tell.

"Nah, not kidding. The place is riddled with ghosts. It's been here so long, it's not too surprising, if you think about it."

"But a ghost cat? Come on, you're yanking my chain."

Dale and Evelynn both laughed. "No, honest Vicky, he's a ghost." Evelynn shot Vicky a conspirators smile. "It's considered good luck that he showed himself to you. It means he likes you, and he'll warn you if any of the other ghosts get up to mischief."

"Okay," Vicky settled back into the couch. "Now I know you're taking the piss."

Dale ran his fingers through his blonde hair and leaned forward earnestly. "Nah Vicky, its on the up and up. We've got lots of ghosts. Some are real friendly, they'll just take stuff and move it."

"Be fair in the warning, Dale," Evelynn leaned forward, as well. "Some of them aren't nice at all. Those are the ones you've got to watch for. Gwyn had one yank her hair so hard, she fell off the stage."

Vicky frowned, feeling a tingle of concern.

"One keeps lighting a candle, and leaving it in the middle of the stage. That can be dangerous." Dale added.

"But the ones that just moan or knock, they're not too bad." Evelynn expanded. "There's some that are even helpful. Jane helped me find my shoes the other day."

"Jane?" Vicky felt goosebumps raising on her arms. "Young girl, tan dress?"
"Ah, met her, have you?" Asked Dale, nodding.

"I ... Just don't know what to say," Vicky wasn't sure, in spite of their clear eyes, if they weren't having her on.

"Well, they don't show up all the time." Dale stood up and put his jacket on.

"Yeah," Evelynn said soto voiced. "Sometimes it can be hours between something," She raised her voice. "Well, I'm out of here. See you guys tomorrow." She waved her script on the way out.

"Would you like me to walk you out, Vicky? Need a lift home?" Dale asked. "Kathy?"

Both girls replied to the negative and left with the rest of the crowd. Dale, the last person in the room, flipped off the light switch. "Night, everyone," he said to the empty room. A cushion fell over, in the darkness.
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