feath (feath) wrote,

1,070 / 10,000

April fools have started! Are you a fool?

So, i got just over 1k of my 10k goal. Not bad for someone who hasn't written in so long. It started out good, and quickly petered into the boring. but that's for editing. For now, i keep slugging away.

Some buildings are only blocks of stone, no matter how they are dressed with frescos or carvings, just masonry. While others with their time worn stone work still breath with a life that is unquenchable, undeniable. It's just masonry, Victoria though, unable to convince herself. She arched her neck until it hurt, trying to see into the rafters far above her head. The small windows, their panes stained and warped, allowed small streams of sunlight in, just enough to illuminate thick timbers.

The Royal had been standing in this spot for hundreds of years. It had survived flood and fire, bombardment and neglect. It's stones were ancient bones, calcified. Its timbers, replaced after the fire of 1666, still showed the axe marks of the craftsmen. The seating had been replaced after the last flood, and the boxes newly constructed after the riot of 1739. These things she knew from the glossy brochure that now nestled in her handbag, although she hadn't finished reading the 12 page booklet and she wondered what other things she'd learn about her new place of employment.

But all the rebuilding didn't seem to matter to the building. Victoria felt, if buildings had thoughts, this one surely spoke the same language as mountains: ancient, slow thoughts that seeped into the foundations and came out at night, with groans and creaks and pings.

She closed her eyes, and listened as hard as she could. She knew it was just her imagination, just the echo of her own blood moving in her ears, but she felt she could hear the heartbeat of the old building.

"What are you doing here?"
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