feath (feath) wrote,

not only did the heart people call me today, but they set up an apt for monday. That is without a doubt, the fastest i've ever been seen by nhs. totally surprised. now, if my good luck continues, it will be indigestion ;)

hubby's been tired a lot - really tired. and forgetful. more than usual. for that matter, so have i lol... shahhe, on the other hand, is almost hyper.

nothing much going on. thinking of selling some of my dvd's, mainly because the stacks are threatening to fall and crush me.

we were invited to go to a homecoming thingy, in wales. We'd be staying with the folks we stayed with last time. it would be great - sept, i'm a little concerned about shahhe. mil would have to feed her, and i'm not that sure she would bother. she's never really liked shahhe, and shahhe knows it. the other thing, is we've been having trouble with the car. looks like the starter battery at this point, but it's unsure. i'd hate to get to wales and get trapped there by a non-working car. plus side, is i have a new camera, and could take luvely pictures. oh, the agony of it.
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