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I've been watching a lot of movies lately. For instnace, I just saw 'Remains of the Day' with Anthony Hopkins. He seemed to confuse 'Wooden acting' with 'Butler reserve'. I wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone, although it's gotten good reviews pretty much anywhere.

While on vacation, I saw "Dor". I am not a chick flick movie fan, but this chick flick movie was just awesome! For any woman, anywhere, you will relate. It even brought a giggle and a tear to hubby's eye, so guys, you'll find it good too!

I've also seen all 3 seasons of Grey's Anatomy. Although by the 3rd season, it's only perpose seemed to be shock value (Who do we kill when we slide this metal pole out, that's sticking two people together?) and sex (who isn't screwing who, would make a shorter list than who is). But over all, i really enjoyed it, and look forward to the end of the writers strike to get more episodes. I'll enjoy it more when they get back to being doctors, and not sexual gymnasts.

So, what great moves have you seen lately, you think i should watch? Then tell me why in a comment!

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What movie do you recommend?

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