feath (feath) wrote,

Karachi - word on the street. pt 6

We went out to dinner tonight. Everyone expected a quiet night, while the results were coming in, and on the main, it is.
The restaurant area is packed - we got locked in for a while. this morning, there wasn't so much as a donkey cart on the road. Imagine Los Angeles or London with absolutely no traffic on the roads. thats what it's like. Karachi is a very busy town, and it was slightly creepy to see empty streets.
On the way to the restaurant, a gang of college students tried to accost us and demand who we voted for... this was -after- the polls closed, so I was a little confused why they bothered. I came to the conclustion they were just trying to pick a fight with someone.
Everyone is hoping tomorrow, after the results come in, it stays as calm as it is now.
Another contender was shot in killed in lahore, so that makes two parties out of the race.
Tags: karachi-voting
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