feath (feath) wrote,

Karachi - word on the street. pt 2

Rangers are patrolling the streets now - the residential area. we've seen a couple of them here. They are advising people to vote for the army faction (which one was that, gah, cant remember). I had read somewhere the army had taken itself out of the running, but guess that wasn't so. If the army wins the election, the general would be running the country.
Each party has a sigel, a picture, that identifies them with their party. kind of like the elephant/donkey of the US party's. Theres a tiger, a bicycle, an arrow,...um, a couple more, but I don't see them very often, cause this isn't their territory.
What the rangers are doing is perfectly acceptable, they aren't threatening anything to the voters. The same thing is done in the US,only without the guns.
I would strongly like to remind Americans, they are not in any way superior to what is happening in Pakistan. I see one smug comment on how american's and their democracy is showing pakistan 'how to do it properly', and I'll very like go off. American has not a damn foot to stand on right now. Pakistani's are using guns and thugs. American is using nooses and thugs.
Tags: karachi-voting
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