feath (feath) wrote,

Karachi - word on the street. pt 1

In my previous post, I mention ballet stuffing is likely to happen, protests, and outrages from the party members crying foul if their party's don't win. Well, check out this news article... quote;

The party [PPP] accused the pro-Musharraf PML-Q of plotting to stuff ballot boxes.

(gee, you think? The PPP must be worried that PML-Q has more ballets to stuff than they do)

well, the gauntlet has been thrown down. The driver got back tonight to tell us all roads leading to the voting places have been blocked by PML-Q - they have barriers up, and they are stopping all cars. They are asking the people what they are doing there. They are telling the drivers, if they aren't going to the polls to turn around and leave. They are telling them, if they dont vote for PML-Q, they will be harmed.

It's going to get really ugly.
Tags: karachi-voting
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