feath (feath) wrote,

Where to start, today....
Tomorrow is the pakistani elections. There are basiclly 3 parties. Each one of them has vowed to 'march in the streets' in protest if they don't win the election. Each of them as vowed they will cry 'cheat' on which ever party wins. And there's no doubt that each party WILL cheat, because ballot stuffing, among other things, is totally normal.
Every person here is expecting riots. Lots of death, blood guts, horrors, and me? I'm going to be stuck in the house, only streets away, and watch it on t.v.
It sucks. I wish I could be out there, taking pictures. But, heh, life is short enough without my putting myself in a place I know is going to become a blood bath.
Guess I'll have to pass on the prize for the best war time photo journal award. At least, this year ;)
Hubby has new meds - (for those who might not know, he's a TPN patient, and feeds from a bag every night) ... it used to be, his bags had to be refrigerated, and had a very short 'good till' date. He now has bags that, um, how do I discribe it? they don't require refrigeration, the bag has it's componants seperated, and what you do is break away the seals on the different parts, mix the liquids, and wa la, instant, room temprature, light weight bags of nutrition.
This is going to totally open up his quality of life. He wont have to be limited by how long the ice lasts. On if he had a large enough fridge. On how much weight he has (well, okay, that might still apply) but in a car, it doesn't matter. He can stuff everything he needs in the car, and away we go.
This is sooo cool. Except, I have a cat I can't leave alone, and asthma that actually makes me the weak link in the chain now. damn if my terminally ill husband isn't more physically fit than I am. Life sucks.
I've been having lots and lots of idea's for novels. I've finally ... got my mojo back. I'm going to do April Fools this year. Inshallah.

thats the news.
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