feath (feath) wrote,

To smoke, I go upstiars and smoke on the roof. Yesterday, on the way down, I twisted myself wrong and wrenched my knee. (the one that got damaged in a car accident many years ago) and now it feels all soft and squishy inside. Doesn't hurt ... except for feeling um, I dont know how to discribe it. Weak, squishy, unstable.
Speaking of cigarettes, there's a brand here called 'pine'. Remind me of a milder version of lucky. They're cheap, even for a paki brand, and go for R20. 20 rupies is the equivalent of 20 pence - or 40 cents. For a pack. I wonder what the personal limit is to bring into the country? How much are the 'expensive' brands, you ask? R40! (40p/80c)... paying £5 a pack is insane!
my poopi-jan arrived to visit last night. She has that illness that makes you twitch? She was doing pretty good last night, but when I hugged her she felt as fragile as a brittle twig. Very nice lady, I've always liked her. Bro arrived with her, and he was still telling everyone how impressed he was with me ;) *gets a swelled head*
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