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Lahore fort, landscapes

Okay, you've seen the details - now some landscapes to get an idea of how big the place is. I've been meaning to mention, the lahore fort is the equivalent of an english castle. Large, secure walls surrounded the palace, harem, and everything else needed for a cozy, summer cottage.

The Badshahi masjid (the kings mosque) - this section takes up about 1/16th of the fort.

A section of the pearl masjid

Harem garden...1 tree remains of the original plantings, and all the brickwork.

Part of the remains of the harem

Part of the elephant enterance/exit,

Middle section, one way...you can see the main gate there, Alamgari gate.

here's a good one - you can see the 4 layers. Now, times that by 4 directions, and you get a ball park size of the inside of the fort.

Can't remember the name of this bit (sikh temple, hubby reminds me- Ranjit singh took the fort after the mughals demise and before the british got a hold of it, and built the temple.)

The outside of the wall. Picture me, leaning WAYYYYY out over the wall...

Looking out the elephant gates

This is where the shah sat, during public audiences. You can't see behind the camera, but its a HUGE grass area, where people waited.

another small bit of the pearl masjid.

You see that tall minaret on the right, on the first photo? lets do a quick zoom in on that...

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