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Lahore Fort

Lahore Fort is stunning. I can't rave about it enough. Built by a mongul king, it's about the size of downtown london. I took over 200 pictures and didn't even cover everything. I'm not going to inflict them on you lol - well. okay, you twisted my arm. 5, just because .... well, elephants!

The stairs the elephants climbed to take the king in and out of the fort. They're about 2 feet wide and have a step of about 2 inches. Elephants aren't known for they're ability to climb stairs. A small ditch is usually enough to contain them.

The doors the elephants carried the king through - high enough not to knock the kings pugree off. Can't tell how hight they are?....

Here's the other side, with a human sized door in it.

Here's a small detail of the wall work. Pretty much anything below man hight is destroyed. anything over 7 feet is in pretty good condition.

Some parts of walls were totally gone. Some looked like this - just enough to show you how stunning the place would be. They're starting to do restoration work on it...

...the palace of mirrors was the first thing they've started to tackle.
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