feath (feath) wrote,


Sick. Um,very sick. Been sick about 4 days now, I think. Kind of lost track of time. We figure it was the salad. Titanian two step. Montizuma's revenge. The raging trots. I technically have two ends - both of them 'outgoing'. Got med's today,and for the first time, I'm not rolling in agony and running to the bathroom every few minutes.
I was reading a Wodehouse novel, and one of the lines in it was perfect for me. 'Death, where is thy sting?' I can SO relate.
Since I've been ill, I've not got many photos - just a couple of SIL's garden. Once I can figure out how to get them off the camera and on to LJ, I'll post them. In a couple of days, I might be able to get out of the house. I'm hoping to make a small 'movie' with the camera,as we drive somewhere. I'll put it up on youtube.
Before I came down sick, we did a little shopping. I got some movies - most notable, the first three seasons of Grey's Antonomy. Really looking forward to watching that,but wont be able to until we go back to karachi. They don't watch movies here.Tv, at all.
I am sipping chicken broth.It's bloody sad, when chicken broth and jello are the highlights of your day. Gawd, it tastes so good.
As you can see, I'm rambling. Not much going on with me,except I've memorized the pattern on the wall and blankets.
If my connection holds out, maybe I'll change the design on my LJ.I've had this one for years now.
Cheers,see you on the flip side.
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