feath (feath) wrote,

If it's Pakistan, it must be monday

Me: (blinking owlishly from bed) what day is it?
Hubby: Monday.
Me: what happened to sunday?
Hubby: you slept.

Didn't sleep a wink on the plane.

Flight was a little delayed out of heathrow, didn't make the time up in flight, so was a little delayed getting to Dubai, which meant we had 30 minutes to reach the transfer flight. They forgot we needed wheel chairs, so we were even more delayed getting on the next flight. In fact, our luggage didn't make it. Luckily, (he.he.) it stayed in Dubai, and didn't go off to some third world republic, and we managed to get it later that night, when it finally reached pakistan.

From what i saw through blurry, unfocusing eyes on the way to Defence, Pakistan hasn't changed that much. And i was very happy to see the desert eagles are still here, in mass. I love sitting on the balcony and watching them fly by... close enough to touch, sometimes. The high pitched kheeing easily audible over the sound of air ripping through their wings.

BIL has a full house, just not as full as I was expecting. Only 5 other people besides hubby and I, so we actually got a bedroom :D ... I already miss my bed from home, but I was so tired yesterday (er, day before yesterday?) I would have thankfully slept on the ground. In fact, I was eyeing the grass in the garden, thinking ....OOooo, soft...

Shahhe hasn't made up to Trish yet, but at least she's not trying to crusher herself under the book case any more. One step at a time. Trish will have her eating out of her hand before I get back, and shahhe wont want to come home.

Speaking of cats, SIL has a third one now, still a kitten. Well, more a teen. Looks like a flame point himmy, but I'm not sure on the flame point bit. With her young coat, its hard to be sure. Could just be a washed out chocolate point. Lovey little thing, followed me around all this morning. Made me feel like shahhe wasn't totally gone :)

Cya all later, gaters.
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