feath (feath) wrote,

First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLEO! ( You're so old!)

Second, the radio show I was with closed - I left them before they closed (I saw the dripping bloody writing on the wall), and I'm now with Whispering Rose Radio. I've updated my info screen, if you forget ;) Sorry, Dubyain, I just now saw your mesg about it. My show is 2pm-4pm GMT, M-T-TH-F-SAT. Hope some of you drop by :)

I keep getting story ideas. It's a mad thing, and I mean insane, when you get ideas and aren't writing. I want to see someone write them, even if it's not me ;) I just wish I got ideas about Whitechapel and Hornblower. Maybe that would kick me in the rear to write again.

Tomorrow I'm taking shahhe in to get shaved. *evil laugh* - actually, it's for her benifit. She cant get around that huge main to keep herself clean, and since she wont let anyone brush her bottom area, well... she's a mess. Plus, I'm taking her to Trisha's in January - Trish is going to kitty-sit her for me. Yes! If my health stays good, and the crick don't rise, we're all going to Pakistan for a month or so. I'm really looking forward to it. Haven't been there in like 5 years. I just wish I had my camera :( But cleo still has it... I hope!
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