feath (feath) wrote,

Every day, i think: today, i'll update LJ! ... um, doesn't quite happen.
MIL is coming home today *tear drop*
I've gotten hubby sucked into UO *smerk*... but EA is doing their level best to make everyone quit. They're only going to be updating KR (kingdom reborn version) and 2D (the part I play) will not be update - they'll fix bugs (he.he.he. like they do now?) but they wont be adding any more content. All they energy (IE money) will now be going into KR. KR gives me a headache. I hate KR with the passion of a million desert suns. I hope they change their minds.
If they don't I may have to move to WoW, and I really dont want to :(
Asthma's been doing fairly well lately. No nasty attacks in a couple of weeks! go me!
Shahhe is doing great. small problem with a bladder infection, but it cleared up on its own.
Hubby's ribs have healed nicely.
Nothing really going on for news...oh, I did change my radio show time. Its 9pm-11pm GMT - that means my american friends can now listen in, cause they'll be awake ;) and my brit friends can do the same ;)
I hope you guys will :( cause I dont have many people listening in :( and if you have music you'd care to share with me, I'll play it :) dont have much music yet :(

Thats all - cleo, hows the work going? everyone is okay, yeah? no one died on me?
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