feath (feath) wrote,

It's been a whole week since I updated - I'm such a wenner.

Ok- first, hubby is home from the hospital. they didn't have to change his line, its all good :) then on Eid (last friday) someone got over enthusiastic and hugged him too hard - he broke a rib. Poor baby can bearly move. He finally let me wrap his ribs, and today he's feeling better, but its going to be a couple more before he can sit up without yelling.

Please listen in on my radio show if you can. Its work friendly, and it helps if I know someones listening, so I can find something to say ;)...M-F, 11am to 1pm GMT. If you'd like to request a song, post to this thread, or icq me.

Shahhe had to get a shower, as she's messed herself, and I swear that cat can hold a grudge like a champ. She hasn't talked to me in 2 days. Hubby feeds her, cause she goes up to him and asks for food. I feel so neglected :( I wish I had a kitty that liked getting petted.

I'm feeling pretty good. finally got over the attack I was having all week. Cleo wants to come visit :D I'm hoping she can make it. I think the Louvre in paris is the place to go! She wanted a tacky souviner of the venus de milo when we were in Roma, and I had to remind her that was in France - you need to go to France to get tacky souviners of France. I think she'll go for it.

I wish I could write like Neil Gieman. Hell, I wish I could write at all.
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