feath (feath) wrote,

My radio show is coming up in a few minutes. If you want to listen to my show, pick your speed from HERE...I put this info in my info screen, so I wouldn't have to keep bugging you with it. If you want to listen, its right there. I like my line up today. Did some shopping ;)
Ah, shopping therapy. I spent in RL money and bought lots of chocolate. And I spent in game (like 20 million) and... I feel better now. Its bloody amazing how that works ;)
Now, if it would only stop raining and my lungs would work, I could walk to the hospital and see hubby. He's feeling better, he says. His voice agrees - but it also tells me he's not well yet. I think the fevers are over, though. That's step one.
Shahhe was in a fight this morning - its amazing how much a long haired cat can fluff. She looked as big as a medium sized dog. And in cat language, was saying 'you want a piece of me? bring it on, come on, let me show you who's your daddy, you *beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep, beep beeeeep, beep*
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