feath (feath) wrote,

hubby's been spending Ramadan at the markus, he's been doing really well. He comes home thursday night, so he can take a shower before jumma. But last night when he got home, he started bleeding :( ... this morning, he seems to be okay, it might have been a one off. But we're going to be watching it. If he bleeds fresh blood again, off to the hospital he goes. He's sleeping extra today, we're hoping its just from being tired.

The online game I play, Ultima Online, is celebrating it's 10th anniversary - the problem is, they just launched Ultima Online, Kingdom Reborn - which means they're putting all the time, money and concentration into the new 'look' of an old game. Those of us playing the older version (2D) for the big 1-0 ani, got ---- are you ready for this ---- a rehash of everything they already had. Everyone got 2 free Heritage tokens. Heritage tokens are the best 'bling' in the game, with super items you can pick and chose from. They're all expensive, they're all good, they're all worth while having. Now, everyone got 2. This so fucked up the economy of the game, you've no idea. Tokens worth 3 million gold are now worth 2 for 1 mil. Sure, its great for those guys who cant afford to get one, but the game economics are screwed for a month.
the other items they're giving out as monster loot - its all the old honor armour - which is great if you're a paladin, but if you're anything else, its not worth much. A friend of mine said: I'm worth more than this armour. LOL. yeah, its okay - but nothing to write in LJ about.

Feeling a little better today. Going to make some chicken soup :)

If you want to listen to my show, pick your speed from HERE... you can ask for a request by posting to this post - I might even have it ;) The shows from 11am to 1pm, m-f, so hope to 'see' you there. ;)

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