feath (feath) wrote,


hiya hiya - I'm surprised I have any friends left - I haven't updated in a full month. Well, I have a reason, I guess.
I've been so sick, I've bearly had the energy to function. an asthma attack that wouldn't quit. 3 courses of prednoslone and antibodics, and I'm finally feeling a little better. Did some house work, that kind of thing.
I had a doc apt today for bones, and during the course of the conversation, doc tells me 'oh, and you know you tested positive for MRSA last time you were in hospital?' .... I'm like, what?
Nice of someone to get around to telling me.
So, they took another sample to see if I still have it. it would explain, I think, the lingering illness and inability to get well.
I've been thinking of my kids a lot lately ;) miss you guys.
Trying to get my granddaughter, katrina, here during the summer. Looks pretty good. Saving the money to buy her a ticket. She'll be flying on her own, which has got her pretty excited.
That's pretty much all my news. Thanks for reading.
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