feath (feath) wrote,

okay - okay! here's an update :P

I've been sick. Ear infection from hell had me so dizzy i could fall off the bed while laying down. still dealing with the reminants of it, i can't move very fast or i get pretty dizzy.
Asthma is attempting to build, woken up last 3 days wheezing pretty bad. Time to hit it with some meds ;)

My aunt sent me some family photos. Can anyone tell me the time frame for the first one I'm posting? Perhaps a gun buff or a clothes expert. I'm guessing around 1880 - just due to who it is.
My great-...ah, hell. my mothers, mothers, mothers father. You figure out the greats.

My mothers mothers mothers father is in the middle. He's really styling there. You can see the American Indian blood in him.

The second one is the the same man, with this two daughters - the one on the left is my great grand mother, Venus. I'm guessing the other daughter is Opel - not sure on the name, though.

And lastly, ... I'm not sure if this is a camping trip, or if they lived there... the axe and the chicken wire make me think they might have been there for some time. Maybe the trip from Oklahoma to California? well.... Note the pants drying, the fish drying, the two fishing poles - and the pistels.

Tags: family, photographs
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