feath (feath) wrote,


I am determined to lose some weight. When I was in the US, middle daughter M showed me (I think it was?) the Jenny Creig - or was it weight watchers? The one with the point system. Pretty interesting, except the majority of the things I eat are from scratch, so no fat/calories numbers to divide, so no 1/2/3 etc to follow.
However, I will be eating several very small meals a day, to help keep my matabalism burning. And I've sworn to myself, I'll take a walk every day.
I managed to do one yesterday, even though I'd only got off the plane. I got one in today too, 3 whole laps of our small local park.
My back is breaking. Or is it my hips? either way, I'm in some serious pain.
However, the bright side is, my breathing is fine. Not so much as a hitch. Now, if I could only move without whimpering.
Tags: health
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