feath (feath) wrote,

I'm home, I'm home! Didja miss me?
(I got to get used to typing without smacking the space bar with both thumbs. at cleos, if I didn't do that, everythingwouldlooklikethis.)
It's soooooooo good to be back home. gosh, I love my kids, my grandkids and my mom, but dear lord, there's no place like home.
The first thing I did was put up the windchimes cleo bought me. They're big, and metal, and sound like angels running around playing pin-ball. Then I put the new sheets on my (still new!) bed, and slept like the dead for 3 hours.
Shahhe missed me, I can tell, because my computer chair has 1/2 inch of shahhe fur on the seat. She must not have gotten off it, unless it was to eat or use the sandbox.
I forgot my camera at middle daughters, but I think I remembered to download the beach stuff from Avery's before I went to Denver, so I should have something to show you, once I have the strength to do anything.
missed you guys!
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