feath (feath) wrote,

Arrived safely in Denver, and having a great time with cleo and the kids. Sammi is as cute as a bug, and I'm not saying that because she's my granddaughter ;)
I can't log in with my laptop, so I'm using cleo's computer. Her spacebar is all messed up. It makes it harder than heck to type. or,rather,ifidon'ttryanduseit,itworksfine.
Tomorrow I'm off to visit middle daughter. Hope things work out. we have issues with each other. But were both trying, so it might be okay. She's taking me out to get my hair cut. Just a trim, cause hubby will have a heart attack if I cut it real short.
Denver is beautiful, sunny and blue skied. Its the kind of weather that attacked me to Denver when the kids were little.
I'm getting pictures, but can't upload them until i have a connection my computer recognizes.
Miss you all, be home in a week.
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