feath (feath) wrote,

I can honestly say, once you've seen Mexican Pro Wrestlers, dressed in skimpy black swim suit like costumes and doing some kind of rumba in the ring with Mexican trumpets blaring over the audio system, bellies bouncing along a beat behind their behinds, that I have now seen everything far far more than I ever wanted to see in my entire life. *scrubs brain*

My mother is doing much better. When I first got there, it was ... pretty damn bad. by the time I'd left, I'd gotten her off most her drugs (not needed), and she'd gone so far as, not only able to follow a conversation (and contribute) but said she wants to get a kitten. This is very good news. She's starting to think (ha. ha) beyond the next 'pain pill' she can take.

I've been off line since I got here. I'm at Avery's now, who has wireless (god love wireless). He's going surfing tomorrow morning, and I'm taking my camera so my younger friends list can get their avery fix. I swear, he's gotten cuter since the last time I saw him.

I had so many 'LJ moments' memorized to post once I was able to get on, but now the only one I can remember is the Mexican wrestler. Yes, it did imprint that deeply into my psyche. I may never recover.
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