feath (feath) wrote,

Went to the doctor yesterday, who said I was on 'the edge' of ostriperosis (sp), with the bones in my spine quite thin...but, due to my age, they didn't want to treat it aggressivly. So, for the next two years, I take extra vitamines etc and then they'll test again.
pretty much a waste of my time.
I did talk him into a pain killer - hopefully, if I'm not in constant and continual pain, I can be more active, thereby lessing the pain in my back so I can do some gentle exersice. Thing is, he has given me a muscle relaxant, not a true pain killer, so I'm ....just not sure. He has this weird little secretive smile when he's not looking at you. it kind of creeps me out. I don't trust the guy, its as simple as that.

Router went wonky yesterday. I didn't have net connection since 3:30pm until this morning, and let me tell you, the withdrawls are something horrible. I ended up reading Little Fuzzy, by Piper. Love that book.

I friend of mine is opening an erotica website, where she sells classical and new erotica ebooks, as wells as mobile phone downloads (so you can read them on your mobile). She's also going to be having a monthy compition, where the winners have their erotica put in an ebook and sold on the site. I'm hoping my writer friends who do erotica will pitch in and help get it off the ground.
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