feath (feath) wrote,

hubbys been watching msnbc's dateline a lot lately. They've been ripping Bush to bloody shreads. It's very nice.
I fall down on my knees in gratitude that they say the things I've wanted to say, but with elegance, viciously, with dates and places and facts. Its a beautiful thing to watch.
I'm madder than hell that they just now go to it. They've only jumped bandwagons. They were on the 'Bush is wonderful' bandwagon like everyone else. Now, that public opionon is swinging the other way, they've jumped to the 'Bush must be muzzled' bandwagon. I would have respected them much, much more if they'd done this from day one.
I can only assume the taloned grip Bush had around every American throat is loosening enough for them to breathe. Speaking up against Bush will no longer give you 'Major lifestyle changes'.
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